Googlegroups Hosting Spamming Redirects


A problem of spammers exploiting Googlegroups continues. The spam reporters at Inboxrevenge started noticing this spamming attack in late January 2009 though reports of the abuse were even earlier in 2008. Now after some time later, the rampant abuse is ongoing. One can go to the URIBL and see the evidence as of 6/13/09.

93.11% – 2296 of 2466 active subdomains listed in last 5 days on

On URIBL Googlegroups is the top host. Here are the top 5 spamming offenders by hosts as of 6/13/09 under Hosters category.

Top Hosters with URIBL Listed subdomains for the last 5 days
Rank NS Host Listed Active Percent
1 2297 2467 93.11%
2 597 676 88.31%
3 459 465 98.71%
4 63 64 98.44%
5 17 27 62.96%

Google has not adequately addressed this problem despite the reporting of the problem by spam investigators. The Googlegroup subdomains typically redirect to another site that is selling illegal drugs by the Canadian Pharmacy group. A post in domain on McAfee’s Site Advisor confirms this ongoing problem.

Canadian Pharmacy the worst spam group (ranked #1) according to Spamhaus’ ROKSO list is behind these attacks.

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