Tata Communications (VSNL) top Network Offender on Spamhaus SBL List in June 2009



Tata Communications is based in India and this large internet company has a Spamhaus-related distinction it probably would prefer not to have. Currently, in June 2009, tatacommunications.com holds the title of having the most SBLs with Spamhaus, 51 SBLs at the time of this post: 6/14/09. ( Spamhaus Block List (SBL) . Another blogger on Google’s blogspot made note of this in early June. Unfortunately, a post appeared to have to have not received much attention on Digg as it was “Dugg” once at the time of this posting. One can view this ranking under Worst Networks on the Spamhaus website.

Though some of the SBL listings for Tata Communications are stale, going back to 2004 and 2005, many of the listings from 2009 are of the ROKSO spam group called Yambo Financials based out of the Ukraine. There is plenty documented online about the elusive Yambo Financials group here.

VSNL was Tata Communications’ former name. When one researches the netblocks of tatacommunications.com, it still shows VSNL.

TATA Communications formerly VSNL is Leading ISP, Data and Voice Carrier in India

The company has a Flash-activated timeline of the company’s history which states that the company began in 1868 as the Tata Group.

Another Network to make note of is Tiscali (Italian-based backbone provider) which is in second place with 50 SBLs. Spamhaus references it as Tiscali.net, but it appears to have recently changed its name to Tinet. The same situation with Tiscali and Tata Communications is that of having lots of old SBLs makes one wonder if the spammers are still active on those old listings or not. The main ROKSO spammer on Tiscali.net’s newer SBLs is a group called Sergio Livrieri / NonSolo-Web.


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