419 Scammers Get Angry with Spam Reporters


Recently a few posters on the InBoxRevenge forum report that Nigerian scam spammers are most likely purposely flooding their email boxes because these spam reporters have been reporting the 419 spam to ISPs. In case you are new to the term 419, it is a form of advance fee fraud.  A team of volunteers called Arists Against 419 report advance fee fraud websites have an active forum at aa419.

So what is happening here is if a spammer believes a spam reporter is getting in the way by getting their stealing money from people who respond to their spams by getting  email accounts, webhosting or other related activity shutdown, sometimes the scammer gets vengeful and mail bombs the spam reporter’s email account.  What seems to sum up this issue is, the spam reporter knows his reporting is making a difference when the vengeful activity occurs.

All I can say is I encourage you to report online scams, as you see in this example, you do make a difference.

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