Get the word out: Spam Crisis in China


Gary Warner posted a tweet earlier in the today about his blog:

Spam Crisis in China. Please share the link. Blog it up. Let’s get some Change going On. #SpamCrisis

Gary Warner posted on his blog under the title Spam Crisis in China about a problem with spam in China as of June 20th, 2009. Pulling data from his vast spam archive for the first 6 months of 2009 at the UAB Data Spam Mine. (UAB = University of Alabama, USA), Gary and his researchers have determined that 70% of all spamming hosting is in Mainland China.

Mr. Warner provides a historical context of domains used in spam by various unresponsive registrars in times past, particularly actions that were taken by various anti-spammer individuals and organizations just a few short years ago. Castlecops’ PIRT efforts were mentioned among group efforts. (PIRT = Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination Squad). website was shutdown by its owners in December 2008.

Also it should be noted: some of us regular contributers at InBoxRevenge (formerly IKillSpamers Forums) helped with getting HKDNR to disable the spammer domains that were used by spammers in very large spamruns in 2007. ( HKDNR = Hong Kong Domain Name Registration). The IBR reporters sent in many, many and worked very hard to get the Hong Kong organisations to take notice.

Another example that Mr. Warner cited: after some of the reports received a lot of media attention, then some registrars such as Austria’s NIC.AT, then appropriate action was taken in disabling spamvertising domains used in phishing websites on botnets (rockphish). HK Domains with HKDNR were used in the same manner.

So please note if you blog, tweet, or email, please pass this information on, so that the Chinese organisations will take action in trying to shut down this criminal activity in a prompt manner.


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