Tata Communications No Longer on Spamhaus Top 10 Networks


Good news for service provider Tata Communications (AS4755) and Spamhaus and some bad news for Tiscali (now Tinet – AS3257). For approximately a month, the large Indian-based provider, Tata Communications, has been still working on its SBL (Spamhaus Block List) by resolving its listings. This means the administrators at Tata Communications have been ending services for some spammers on its network. While definite progress has been made, the employees at Tata Communications have more work to do. At the time of this blog post, August 1st, 2009, Tata Communications (formerly VSNL) is now down to 16 SBLs. Our earlier blog post on 14th of June 2009 had noted that Tata Communications was the top Network offender on Spamhaus SBL.

We at InBoxRevenge hope that other providers who have large numbers of SBLs will follow suit with Tata Communications and remove spammers from their networks. Hopefully Tata Communications will have few or no SBLs to deal with in the near future and continue to respond to Spamhaus’ blacklistings or blocklistings. The majority of the SBLs on Spamhaus are /32 meaning one IP blacklisted at a time. For larger spam problems, Spamhaus will typically list a /24 or /29 depending on the severity of the issue.

Here is the top 10 list on Spamhaus by Networks (ISPs) as of August 1st 2009. Most of the other large ISPs mentioned back in June are still on top of the list: some of the ongoing offenders: Tiscali [now Tinet (AS3257) ] , Covad, TTNET.com.tr, Verizon and OVH.

The 10 Worst Spam Service ISPs
As of 01 August 2009
Rank / ISP / Network Number of Current Known Spam Issues
1 tiscali.net 51
2 covad.com 43
3 ttnet.net.tr 38
4 ovh.net 30
5 china-netcom.com 27
6 telefonica.com.br 26
7 powercomm.com 26
8 verizon.com 25
9 iplan.com.ar 25
10 cnuninet.com 24

Top SBL Offender is Italian Backbone Provider Tiscali / TINET / AS3257


European-based Tiscali (TINET on AS3257 ) is still hosting many ROKSO spammers, such as Fabio Petta – Jnternet and Sergio Livrieri / NonSolo-Web. ROKSO spammers as most our readers would already know are the most prolific and consistent spammers who have had their services terminated from ISPs at least 3 times. Also Zombies (rogue networks) appear to be a problem on Tinet as there a /16 blocklisting on SBL (SBL69354) from November 2008. It does not appear that Tinet’s administrators are proactive with their spamming problem on their large network which specialises in the IP/MPLS wholesale market. Tinet apparently has had an ongoing problem with attracting spammers of a while on its network AS3257.

A few top ISP offenders to note on the SBL Top 10 Networks are Asian-based: china-netcom.com (AS9979)- [cnc-noc.net] and cnuninet.com (AS4134) – [China Telecom] and powercomm.com (AS3786) [ LGDACOM on bora.net in Korea]. China Netcom is currently hosting a fair number of the Acai Berry landing pages from Yahoo Groups redirects mentioned in more detail in IBR’s previous blog entry from July 31st.

And lastly, we have some South American offenders: telefonica.com.br (AS10429) Telefonica of Brazil and iplan.com.ar (AS16814) [ LACNIC-16814 / NSS S.A] Iplan of Argentina.

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