Under DDoS

28Oct09, the little forum that creates big headaches for internet criminals, is under another distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. That means hundreds or thousands of zombie computers — computers like yours that have been infected by malware and put under the control of criminals — are all trying to access the site simultaneously. Websites can only handle a certain amount of traffic, so having so many requests going on continuously shuts out legitimate visitors.

Frankly, we were wondering what took them so long. We’ve been through this before. We’ve got lots of backup means for forum admins and mods to communicate with each other and with the other members.  We are prepared to just let the site be off line while these guys spend their money attacking. We’ll just chill and spend the extra time reporting their domains and bots. The difference is they don’t get to read about it.

What the rest of our members can do is take extra time reporting. Report your spam emails to, so more of their IPs are blocklisted and more of their bots are disinfected.  Fire up Complainterator and report domains and their nameservers to registrars. We are not some discrete target that can be shut down with a DDoS. We are our members, all over the world, and we’re in it for the long term.

Check out our other websites online for updates:

(edited out some sites no longer active as of 3/2012)

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